ksiazka A historical outline of political and legal doctrines.
Historia doktryn politycznych i prawnych.

Chapter XIII - Early colonies. The French Revolution in 1789. Napoleon. Common taxation.

Author: Grzegorz Kazimierz Walkowski
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Destcription of the chapter:
The background and a picture of European colonial conflict. The increase of global conflict in Europe ( the Seven Years' War). The economic reasons for the outbreak of the American revolution and the impact of freemasonry upon political life in both continents. The modern doctrine of dividing power. The reasons for the War of Secession and the impact of financing the American revolution upon Europe. An attempt to introduce public fiscal reforms in France and their influence upon the outbreak of the revolution in 1789. The causes and the circumstances in which Napoleon gained the power, and the economic results of blockading England during the Napoleonic wars. The introduction of personal income tax and the mass circulation of paper money.

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