ksiazka A historical outline of political and legal doctrines.
Historia doktryn politycznych i prawnych.

Chapter XIV - From the Congress of Vienna to the First World War. Colonialism.

Author: Grzegorz Kazimierz Walkowski
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Destcription of the chapter:
The situation in Europe from the end of the Napoleonic wars through to the Crimean War and the start of military rearmament which resulted in the outbreak of the First World War. The evolution of the Swiss monetary and banking system. The history of steam engines and yarn machines in relation to the history of metallurgy and coal excavation. The impact of these events on the economic development of Europe. New social relationships based on the dynamics of economic development, including Socialism and materialistic philosophical doctrines. A historical analysis of political doctrines. The opponents of order, a discussion about anarchy. A description of dominant geopolitical trends - nationalism, isolationism , separatism, and the ideology of imperialism.

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