ksiazka A historical outline of political and legal doctrines.
Historia doktryn politycznych i prawnych.

Chapter IX - The end of the Saxon dynasty. The Crusades. National states. State monarchy. Attempts to re-unite the Church (The First Council of Constance). Byzantium and Islam.

Author: Grzegorz Kazimierz Walkowski
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Destcription of the chapter:
The reasons for a complete doctrinal collapse of the Church. The economic background of the Crusades and the creation of the first banks. An attempt to quantify the amount of gold circulating in the European economies and its consequences. The leading European kingdoms and the trend to convert them into structured national states. The main economic trends within the economic structure of national kingdoms. The conflict between France and the Pope at the end of 13th and beginning of the 14th centuries. An analysis of the reasons and the effects of the economic collapse of the 14th century. Specifying the reasons for the uniting of the European Church, and the collapse of Constantinople due to its conquest by the Ottomans.

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